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Bankruptcy After Divorce

The best time to file for bankruptcy is after the divorce has been finalized. It will make both matters that much less ... Read More

Bankruptcy and Child Support

Filing for bankruptcy does not eliminate the obligation to pay child support to the former spouse. This includes back ... Read More

Personal Bankruptcy and Marriage

Just because one spouse has a less than perfect financial situation, doesn’t mean that both partners must pay for it. It ... Read More

Student Loans in Bankruptcy

If you cannot afford to pay back your student loan, you have one possible option that can discharge that debt as well. Read More

New Bankruptcy Laws

The new bankruptcy laws are the result of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, which was passed ... Read More

Filing for Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is a practical alternative when a debtor has been denied Chapter 7. Chapter 13 filing also has many ... Read More

Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

For people with too much debt, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may offera fresh start, ending all obligations to repay the ... Read More

Filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

A chapter 11 bankruptcy is mainlyonly used by businesses and allows them to reorganize their debts while keeping their ... Read More

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Once you reach a certain level of debt, it can be almost impossible to get out by yourself. Bankruptcy seems like an ... Read More

Filing for Bankruptcy

One of the most trying times involves preparing for the filing of bankruptcy. It is hard to look over your outstanding ... Read More

Debt Consolidation Tips

The term debt consolidation derives from rolling all debt into a single loan or line or credit. This will allow the ... Read More

Life After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy may set you back financially for a certain amount of time, but your life may improve after bankruptcy. Read More

Automatic Stay

The definition of a Bankruptcy automatic stay is an evaluation that has been put temporarily into place by an automatic ... Read More

Bankruptcy and your Property

One of the most frightening prospects of bankruptcy is the fear that one may lose all possessions to pay back a debt. Read More

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How Chapter 13 Can Discharge Unsecured Debts
Nov 19/2013 - Americans often turn to bankruptcy as a means of getting free from burdensome debts and to obtain a fresh start. When ...
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Bankruptcy Options Available to Consumer ...
Nov 5/2013 - There are a vast majority of programs that are geared towards helping people reestablish credit after their bankruptcy ...
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Using Bankruptcy to Get Out of Credit Card ...
Oct 21/2013 - Every year thousands of Americans file for bankruptcy protection when they are unable to pay their debts. The majority ...
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News Updates

Battery Maker Filed Bankruptcy
Oct 31/2012 - Detroit, Michigan – According to the New York Times, A123 Systems, a battery maker, filed for bankruptcy last Tuesday, which showed an opposite direction to ...
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Perry’s Tech Funds Losses
Oct 31/2012 - Austin, Texas – According to NPR, Terrabon, Inc., a bio-energy producer, has recently filed bankruptcy in another blow to Governor Rick Perry’s economic ...
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Bankruptcy Plan of Solyndra LLC
Oct 16/2012 - According to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Energy Department and the Internal Revenue Service
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Highmark - WPAHS Transactions
Oct 10/2012 - According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a tad bit more than a year ago, Quincy Medical Center in Quincy, Mass., registered to rearrange its financial ...
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